How to recycle your Garden Trampoline

Posted on 19/01/2012 by Atlantic Trampolines

If your trampoline was damaged beyond economic repair in the recent storms you might have some imaginative ways to recycle the trampoline and the parts that are undamaged.  This photo shows an innovative idea which makes use of the trampoline frame ring, the trampoline bounce mat and trampoline springs.  The trampoline frame has been covered in soft padding and the whole trampoline mat is covered with a sheet.   The frame is suspended from the ceiling by strong rope to make a large suspended swinging bed or relaxation area.



In our experience some extra strenghtening may be required to the trampoline frame to keep it perfectly flat when suspended in this way.   We would suggest if you want to try this yourself do some tests before you start to cover the frame in padding.  Rather than tie the suspension ropes to the frame try passing them underneath the trampoline mat and up the opposite side.   This has the added benefit that it will provide more support to the centre of the trampoline mat and prevent it sagging in the middle.  Also, you will need to ensure the suspension ropes are strong enough to carry the greatest potential load and of course take great care to make sure the ceiling beams are capable of supporting the weight.


If you have any other examples of innovative uses for redundant trampolines then please let us know so we can share the ideas.


Here is another example of the same idea, this one installed outside.


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